The Triumphant Return of Thoroughly Trivial Tuesday.

by Alexa on November 11, 2008

So, a few weeks ago, I started a new Tuesday feature. I kept it up for two weeks, and on the third week, Simone had that first terrible OMGMYBABYCAN’THEAR appointment, and the week after THAT was the election, and my poor little feature fell by the wayside. If you cast your mind back through the mists of time, you will remember that said feature was a sort of show-and-tell, and so here I am again, telling and showing.

After I quit my job this past April, Scott and I drove to my office to clean out my desk. It was early on a Saturday morning, a time chosen to avoid running into any of my now-former coworkers. I felt ill. It was impossible not to remember the last time I had been there, leaving for a routine OB appointment to check on the babies. Strange, perhaps, but I was almost embarrassed as I slunk through the familiar doors. I’d left in January a smugly round mother-to-be, and was returning beaten: one baby dead, the other in the midst of a 15-week sojourn in intensive care. Of course I knew my embarrassment was preposterous, but I am uncommonly skilled at sustaining preposterous emotions.

Almost everything in my office went straight into the large trash bag we had carried with us. What I saved, besides a pair of shoes and a mug, was the magazine clipping I’ve pinned above my desk everywhere I have ever worked. Even in my foul mood that day, as I shoved a vase of dead flowers into the garbage, I giggled, looking at a cartoon I had seen maybe 50,000 times before. It is just that funny.

I could tell you a dozen similar stories about bad days, or looming deadlines, that were lightened just enough by a glance at this particular scrap of paper. I have had it since college. Saving cartoons has always seemed the province of maiden aunt types—women who identify with Cathy’s search for the perfect swimming suit, or find Ziggy funny, or refuse to admit that anyone as schmucky as Charlie Brown deserves every pratfall he gets. But god help me I love this damn thing:


Now, there isn’t much to comment on with these show-and-tell posts, I know. You could say “nice cartoon!” or offer an acronym indicating amusement, but I am giving you an assignment instead: if you have a favorite joke or funny something, post it in the comments. That way, whenever someone (and by “someone” I mean “Alexa”) needs cheering up, they can return to delight in the bounty of off-color limericks and excellent puns. You know how I feel about puns.

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