Why I Keep the Camera Handy.


Why look! It’s a baby! Scooting toward me with a book in its hand!




What’s that you’re saying, as you pull yourself up on my skirt? You want me to read the thing you’ve flung at my lap?

Let’s see what it is:




Huh. You’ve been in the hall closet again.

What about the one with the squirrel, instead? You don’t want nasty old Freud, baby!




Oh, alright.



“Here, moreover, is once again the same situation as that which underlay the first great anxiety-state of birth and the infantile anxiety of longing—the anxiety due to separation from the protecting mother. These considerations make it possible to regard the fear of death, like the fear of conscience, as a development of the fear of castration.”




My thoughts exactly.

{Other recent favorites include Touch and Feel Baby Animals, Miffy the Artist, and the Hayden-Harnett catalog.}



  1. Sharon says:

    Cute, very cute! However I do think you should remind Simone that you bought those beautiful specs so that she could read ANY book for herself duh!

  2. Kymmi says:

    OMG the last picture is PERFECT! That face, expression mid-smile, it’s so exactly what that age is.

    She is clearly smitten with you, you can read it alllll over her face. So sweet.

  3. Amy says:

    Heh. I had to laugh at you reading Freud to her.

    It kills my husband when he walks in and finds me reading whatever I’m reading to Ava in that uptempo kid-reading voice. It’s usually something from the newspaper or “The Week” magazine so it’s generally political/crime/editorial type stuff. I have been know to even read her stuff from “Glamour,” edited of course. (Don’t blame me – it was a gift subscription. From my MIL. I think she might be trying to tell me something.)

  4. Cindy says:

    Oooooohhh!! That baby you have! I just want to eat her up. She is the cutest and most skeptical little pumpkin. That second to last pic where she’s giving you the “you’re shitting me right” look… What look does she have up her sleeve for you when she’s 16?!!

  5. Did you ever think a year ago you would be fighting with your daughter about reading THAT book????? Kudos to you mama…for all the milestones you have overscome. It’s the little things like this that mean the most…like when your driving in the car and one time you look in the rear-view mirror and they are in an infant carrier, and the next, they are facing you singing along to the song playing on the radio. It actually makes you want to cry. Shannon

  6. tash says:

    You don’t think she finds something comforting in that picture on the cover, do you? DO YOU??!!

    Bella has always been oddly attracted to the ’60s history bookshelf (these are really boring covers incidentally, so I’m not sure what the attraction is), and I’m often in a game of store buying things like “Vietnam: Nation in Revolution.”

    Freud would be way more fun. Need to get her looking around my bookshelf a bit more.

  7. Jen says:

    OK, I had to come out of creepy lurkdom to tell you that I am not sure how she has any cheeks left. Because how do you not just nibble them all day long?

    (That doesn’t really do much to make me less creepy, does it?)

    Gah! She is so adorable!

  8. jen says:

    Simone clearly wise beyond her year. she is, as always, completely adorable.

    congratulations on your new lady friend!!! hmmm, that doesn’t sound quite right either…

  9. Robin says:

    I think she’s giving you her best Freud-face impression. She just has to work on arching that left eyebrow a liiiiiittle more.

    My son recently grabbed a book off the shelf, opened it and started babbling to himself like he was reading it. When I checked the cover, it was The Language Instinct, by Steven Pinker. Ha ha!

  10. dora says:

    Haydn harnett? $400 handbags? I’d rather donate to the food pantry, homeless shelter, rehab house, animal shelter, free clinic, arts organizations, schools, habitat for humanity. They sell handbags at Target you know. (o, yeah, bring it on!–she’s a troll, she’s not nice, she has a conscience . . .)

  11. Chickenpig says:

    Awesome series of photographs. You barely need captions with expressions like these, but they were great, too :)

  12. Aurelia says:

    Dora, you aren’t a troll, I get what you are saying, but really, just because someone has a catalog doesn’t mean they order those from it. I used to keep catalogues around all the time for fantasy daydream *purchases*. Still do.

    Sometimes a cigar is *just* a cigar.

    As for Simone’s photoplay, I love the pictures, and someday, I have to take a course, because even with a great camera and a cute baby, my photos could never turn out like that! You are very talented Alexa.

  13. Marcie says:

    That 2nd to the last picture is hilarious. She looks as if she’s saying, “You’re just messin’ with me, right?”

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