Interior Views.

by Alexa on May 6, 2012

Last week I took Simone and Scott to a 3D ultrasound. Simone has been very excited about (and frequently impatient for) the upcoming arrival of Baby Twyla, but I think seeing the moving face of the actual baby I am housing helped make it less abstract for her. It certainly did for me.

Twyla at 31 Weeks

I mean, look! That is a real baby! MY baby. That face up there? Is INSIDE OF MY ABDOMEN.

Twyla 2Twyla 3

She looks SO like her sister in a few of these. A few remind me of my baby pictures, and I can definitely see Scott, but she doesn’t resemble either parent so much as she does Simone. Of course, she doesn’t look precisely like Simone, either. She is her own little person, which is such a strange, exciting thing to see.

Twyla 4Twyla Yawns

(We saw that yawn in real time!)

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