I Hope This Works…

Simone is sick. Miserably, miserably sick. She is draped over me in bed right now and I am posting this from my phone (or trying to–the page is behaving very oddly) which is a first for me. Here is a picture from a couple of hours ago, so you can see I am not shirking my posting for naught:

She first got sick last night but it seemed like nothing much until this evening, when she started feeling worse and her temperature went up up up and suddenly I was surrounded by Kleenex and inhalers and moaning.

If I had known my evening was going to be so very full (of snot, wretchedness, etc.) I would have posted earlier, but alas. Tomorrow I will be back.


  1. Kymmi says:

    Oh but that head, so perfectly set in the blanket, is making my heart turn to polenta. As a mother of a daughter that doesn’t always take the time to snuggle with her mother, there is something very special about sick time. The babies finally return to their original format.

    Feel better soon, Simone!

  2. Kara says:

    Poor Simone! I hope she gets better soon.

    But. . .

    as horrible as it seems to say in the comments on a post about a sick little one. . .

    I feel like I was just given an early Christmas gift! Here I was, down to checking your blog only once every several weeks to see if maybe you’ve posted something, and I happen to check today, and I have a whole handful of new posts to read! Yay! Thank you for the stories! And, you know, boo for sick kiddos.

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