A Reminder.

This morning I found a post in my drafts folder from almost exactly this date last year. There was only one sentence in this post, just a note I had jotted down:

Simone points and exclaims “Look! It’s Chocolate Santa.”

You see, last year was the first year Simone noticed Santa, and when she first made his acquaintance he had taken the form of a hollow cocoa-based confection. “It’s a chocolate Santa,” we’d told her. And so for the rest of the season whenever she saw Santa’s likeness in a Christmas book or on a bit of holiday decoration, she would get very excited and call him by his name, which she understood to be—you guessed it—Chocolate Santa.

She doesn’t do this anymore, and I had forgotten she ever did until I opened that post draft. This is why, or part of why, I will keep writing here, even when I am tired and hungry and have leftover risotto calling to me from the kitchen, when it is 10:45 and I still haven’t had dinner and I’m right at the denouement of the mystery I’m reading.


  1. celia says:

    Yes, I have noticed the same. This year Peter calls him “Santa Boss” which makes sense considering the man insists on him being both kind and going to sleep.

  2. Alexa,
    I just finished your book (in 3 days). Holy moly, that was a crazy NICU ride, (I also had a 25-weeker) and you rocked the storytelling of it all. I’m about 4 years behind on the current state of affairs in your life, but wanted to say thank you for your book and congratulations on your FULL TERM daughter.
    Take care, Rachel

  3. Gina says:

    That is one of the big reasons that I keep writing.

    It is both wonderful and awful how they just keep growing up on us and leaving their old selves behind.

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