July Wrap-Up and August Goals: Just as Dull as it Sounds.

by Alexa on August 8, 2013


1. Finish Simone’s room
SO CLOSE. In fact, “SO CLOSE” could have been July’s theme. I made progress on almost every list item, and finished almost nothing. It seems obvious that if I had managed to focus on one thing at a time, I would be ending the month with a few more things checked off, and a few fewer projects in various states of pile-creating limbo.
2. Finish essay
I am crossing this off because I finished a version of the essay, and it is fine for school purposes. However I am not just editing but rewriting it for book purposes, meaning that I essentially spent weeks and weeks writing something I have decided to more or less throw away, DO NOT EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS.
3. Submit proposal for second book to agent
We decided to submit later in the fall, because I have (ahem) some rewrites to do.
4. Vanquish Mt. Laundry
This is the one that annoys me, because YOU GUYS! It was almost gone! I had a couple of loads of blankets/comforter covers and such left, and that was it, and I bought our new divided hamper to get rid of the laundry baskets, and then we ran out of quarters and Twyla was sick and I couldn’t get to the bank and the month ended. But we are down to the last foothills, so this month for sure.
5. Lose five lbs
Gained two and a half. So…no.
6. Go to park five times
More than five, actually. Played T-ball, introduced Twyla to sand, enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. A good month on the frolicking front.
7. Register Simone for sport/camp/activity
8. Mail
9. Plan August festivities
Eh. This was one of those things that ended up not seeming important. We have a list of things to do, and as I was trying to assign them to dates I realized that I like just having a list of fun things to choose from bound to nothing save our whim.
10. Pedicure and dinner with Mother
11. Go through bank statement for things to cancel
12. Post ten times
Two. Two times. To be fair, I did write posts six or seven times, and as the “posting more” goal is really about getting me to take more time for myself, this at least constitutes progress.
13. Go to the Goat Show and write about it (notes/draft form is fine)
(It’s a good thing I had that “notes/draft form is fine” parenthetical, because notes are all I’ve had time for.)
14. Organize Simone’s toys
Again, SO CLOSE. It turned out that I needed one more little drawer thing, which I have now, will finish up this week.
15. Read five books
16. Clean out car, have washed


1. Finish Undergraduate Degree
There is a reason last month was frantic and full of unfinished things–I have been busy. A little over a week from now, I will be a college graduate. I have a paper to complete and a presentation to put together, and then I am done.
I’d been avoiding mentioning it because, honestly, I was afraid I would find some way to screw it up. That sounds insane, I realize, but the closer I got to the end of this last class, the more nervous I became. I mean, I have been working on my degree on and off for FIFTEEN YEARS. FIFTEEN! I’ve been within about a semester for a long time, and two times before was preparing to start said semester when something happened (Ames died and I went on bed rest; I got pregnant with Twyla and was too sick to walk from the couch to the bedroom). Neither of those things were my fault, obviously, but there have been so many other times I have screwed up, especially where school is involved (see, uh, high school), and I was worried that somehow saying “I am going to graduate” would ensure that I failed spectacularly and didn’t. But now it looks as if I am really going to pull this off, so I guess you’ll have to start referring to me as The Her Honorable Ms. Alexa Stevenson, BA, Esquire! (That’s right, right?) I’m not going to the ceremony or anything, so I still won’t ever have had a chance to wear one of those little tassel hats, but I can’t deny that I am proud-ish of myself.
2. Have a date night with Scott
3. Plan and enjoy our annual Lake Trip (and think of a way to memorialize these trips–photobook? wall display?)

4. (Finish) Vanquish(ing) Mt. Laundry
5. Lose five lbs
6. Finish organizing Simone’s toys
7. Finish Simone’s Room
8. Get Simone ready for Kindergarten (haircut, cull clothes, school supply shopping, etc.)
9. Post eight times
10. Clean out car, have washed
11. Read two books
12. Go through bank statement for things to cancel
13. Have last pre-kindergarten Mama and Simone Day
14. Do something fun for Simone every day between returning from the lake and the first day of school
15. Make progress on both essays for book
16. Apply to thing

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