I Have Nothing Against Tacos, Really.

by Alexa on October 10, 2013

¶ Various children’s entertainment failures

Simone has never been that into princesses, so I haven’t had occasion to really, well, CARE about her Princess Media Consumption, and I generally like sweet, bobble-headed Sofia the First with her ecstatically dilated pupils, but I think we may be done with her after the episode Simone just watched, the moral of which seems to have been “don’t get too excited when a good thing happens to you or at least don’t TALK about it too much or you might brag without realizing it, alienating your friends and bringing a curse upon yourself.” Worse, apologizing for unwittingly making your friends feel bad isn’t enough! No, it turns out that to remove the curse you must give up the good thing entirely, giving it to the friends you wronged by accidentally “bragging” about your good fortune.
Ick. ICK.
And look, it’s not like I am terribly reactionary about these things: there is plenty of sexist bullshit in children’s television most television practically everything, and I am comfortable letting much of it slide, partly because there is such a wide variety in what Simone watches and enjoys, and partly because one area where I am doing a pretty good job as a parent is talking about these issues with her, and smacking it right down whenever she comes home with the news that girls can’t like/do X, and the idea that a movie or television show is going to outweigh and undo all of my very explicit parenting on the subject is just silly. My favorite TV show as a kid was The Donna Reed Show, and I still grew up to read Backlash in Junior High and become temporarily insufferable about The Patriarchy, so there. I don’t need my entertainment to be morally above reproach. But you will have to believe me when I say this episode was bad, so bad it made me squirmingly uncomfortable to watch (I kept watching at first because I thought surely I was imagining things, and then because I was expecting the story to turn around somehow) and after it was over Simone and I had a stories-on-TV-aren’t-always-right-about-everything chat.

This came on the heels of the much more spectacular failure of one of our weekly Movie Nights. I instituted Movie Night when school started, and now every Friday we curl up on the couch in our pajamas and watch something while eating popcorn (well, Simone and I curl up on the couch, Scott sits in a chair and Twyla stands couchside with her arm elbow-deep in the popcorn bowl). The first movie was Cinderella (see–not reactionary!), which Simone had never seen and which she very much enjoyed. We decided to continue with Classic Disney a bit, as Simone has never seen most of them, and the animation is so pretty. And because she likes both Tinkerbell and pirates, Peter Pan seemed an obvious choice.

Okay, so have you seen Peter Pan recently? Because I had not. I mean I’d SEEN it, obviously, as a child, but apparently I’d forgotten quite a bit. For instance I did not remember, at all, the…Native American portions of the story, more especially a musical number called “What Makes the Red Man Red.” (We stopped the movie before discovering the answer.)

Movie ideas for 5-year-olds, anyone?

¶ Health Despond
My thyroid has been giving me trouble again, and I feel like I am sliding into a sort of Health Despond, in that this particular issue feels unending and unfixable and doomed to get worse as I age and age and eventually die. My very nice endocrinology NP is out on maternity leave until February(!), so later this month I am seeing some strange endocrinologist I have never met before, and I am not feeling terribly optimistic that he will be helpful, which is probably not fair, but IS solidly in line with previous experiences, so. And unlike infertility, thyroid issues seem to be an area where the Internet is not just unhelpful but actually, actively AWFUL. There are some nutty, strident folks out there, and lots of wildly conflicting information, and lots of people with very sad stories and it is all fairly terrifying and depressing and does not inspire confidence in really anything at all.

¶ I still haven’t finished the costume.
If anyone at the NSA is reading–which, come on, I think we can assume they are–I’d just like to say that while taken out of context some of my recent Google search activity may seem odd, even disturbing (“rainbow suspenders child” “child wig”), there is actually a perfectly innocent explanation, which is that Simone wants to be a clown for Halloween.

¶ Good Taco to you!
I mentioned this on Twitter, but it tickles me, so I am mentioning it here as well: Simone’s favorite part of school so far is Music, which they have once a day for a week-long block (the blocks rotate between Music, Enrichment, Science, and Gym). Anyway, they have been singing a bunch of new songs in Music, and one of them is basically “hello” in various languages: “Hello, Bonjour, Buenos Dias/Guten Tag, Konichiwa.”
Only Simone is CONVINCED that the last line contains the phrase “Guten Taco.” As in “Guten Taco, Nichiwa,” you see. I have tried to correct her, gently, but it makes her furious, so “Guten Taco” it remains.

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