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Birth Day







  1. timberdawn says:

    There is a certain spot on a country road that I can still remember crying my way past. I had read a blog entry before I left home that day and as it bounced around in my brain, I just lost it. I cried for two babies, for a young set of parents I have never met. Because, you know, crying helps so much. Today (if my truck starts), I can smile my way past that location. The best of celebrations to Simone, and to your entire family.

    • R says:

      what a beautiful comment this is! What a testament to the power of writing and the Internet to create community. I too have read since that long-ago time, and I am so glad to wish Simone the happiest of birthdays.

  2. KeraLinnea says:

    Oh my goodness. Every year, I’m amazed anew at how far you all have come. If only you could have seen how it would all turn out when you were standing beside that isolette. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Simone!

  3. Jane says:

    being full of fetus-n-hormones right now, this made me cry so many happy tears. happy happy happy birthday, big girl. now you are 6, you’re as clever as clever!

  4. Deborah says:

    I’ve always loved when you post these each year. And now that I have a 1-year-old former preemie of my own, it’s even cooler to see all of Simone’s growth over the years. Hope she had a great birthday!

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