Average Temperature? -5 Degrees Celsius.

by Alexa on March 18, 2014

¶ It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one wants to read about how sick you have been. But I do not see the point of HAVING pneumonia if you cannot tell people how miserable you are and have them say soothing things and also marvel at the fact that you are, for instance, at work. Which I am. I have taken a couple of sick days and worked from home and now it is time for me to be back in the office, being congratulated for being back in the office. The antibiotics did get rid of my terrible coughing fits, but otherwise I feel every ounce as terrible as I did before, so I think the lesson here is don’t bother going to the doctor because no one can help you and you just have to wait and see whether you live or die, as your ancestors did.

Speaking of relations, the girls have been sick as well. Everyone has been sick—except SCOTT, who is like one of those impervious plague gravediggers— more or less continuously since Twyla started daycare in February. Daycare is a public health menace. How many people have to perish/be pretty sure they are close to perishing before we get state-subsidized nannies like the Europeans?

¶ If you enjoy weeping freely over the passage of time, boy have I got a hobby for you! I’ve started making a quilt out of the girls’ baby clothes, and there is nothing quite like reducing treasured onesies and sleepers to a small stack of cloth squares via a rotary cutter to make a girl feel empty inside. It’s going to be an awfully nice quilt, though! (Actually, this may or may not be true. I have never made a quilt before and I am doing the piecing by hand, so maybe this is all for naught!) (JUST LIKE LIFE.)

¶ Being sick maybe makes me a smidge more dramatic than I am under ordinary circumstances. Not that I can remember what those feel like, because I have been sick forever.

¶ Because I do not want to end this post on a whiny note (in case it is the last written record the world has of me), I will share something exciting: Simone’s school is holding a SCIENCE FAIR. We are She is to obsessively immerse ourselves herself in a subject that interests us her and then make a craft project about it!

So basically, I have been training for this all my life.

Simone has chosen The Moon as our her subject, and I expect those unfortunate enough to know me in real life will be treated to all sorts of interesting Moon Facts in the coming weeks. Maybe I’ll even share a few here! (SETTLE DOWN, SETTLE DOWN!)

Whatever we end up with for the Science Fair, I feel regretfully certain that it will not live up to Simone’s recent two-sided president-themed offering:

“George Washington was the first president…” (flips to other side) “…And Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery!”

(If you can look at that rendering of Abraham Lincoln without feeling deeply shaken yet curiously mesmerized, well, you and I are very different people.)

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