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  1. ldoo says:

    She is unbearably cute! Can’t believe she’s already 2. I remember reading your blog and how scary it was at the end of your pregnancy, just hoping she stayed healthy. So happy 2 year anniversary of knowing how wonderful and healthy your baby is. :)

  2. allison says:

    You have amazingly strong, and beautiful genes. These girls resemble each other so, and seem to look a good bit like you (not to discount the other half of the gene pool). Blessings.

  3. gleavem says:

    surely there should be another bday post on here by now? I’m missing your witty, intelligent and beautifully written prose.
    please come back soon!

    PS: blog looks a bit funny – hope it hasn’t been ‘archived’ or something?!

  4. Nancy says:

    Hi the blog seemed to discontinue a few months ago but I was able to keep up by reading tweets on the blog, now the tweets have disappeared! Hoping for a blog post soon!

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